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Very flattering Josh Heather had said that Josh had been under the mistaken impression that I had served with the Canadian Army during the Second World War. I shall not re-hash all that as it can be studied as a separate entity. Ben had married his first cousin which was M unusual at that point in time. She was "Isabelle Wallace" and they married in April, l

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Not once was I invited to go along!.

My dream girl is a Stellarton

I hit the water badly and twisted my back and it was all I could do to swim back and climb onto the wharf. It was during the summer of "44"" there was a "War Bond Drive.

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We tolerated each other on the job, while our social relationship was nil. When I was six years old in Grade two, I experienced the dreaded chloroform again!

Living right beside the tracks it was only natural that Al and I used to play in the Rail Yards which we os without getting into too much trouble. During the War Years, our Uncle Ted used to board with us but only for a year or so and he used to take Al and I hunting and fishing. Did I cry as well??

My dream girl is a Stellarton

My one regret was that, not many years later I was gone into the Army and I never had the opportunity to help her grow. Sundays, we would bike z Abercrombie which was 9 to 10 miles from home. It was therefore prudent for the Military to have their own Security Patrols.

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All of a sudden the bottom of my foot felt kind of itchy. Aboard the ship was the 1st Canadian Highland Battalion of the 27th Brigade along with supporting elements, mostly Service Corps.

My dream girl is a Stellarton

Marshalltown girl fuck If you reply I would rream to see a? Also, next door to us Stellaron Victoria Avenue was Keith Fulton who also owned a grocery store.

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The area where Dad worked was totally destroyed with no survivors. Wooden, the Daughter of an English Seaman.

Dad was lucky, he was working on a haulage engine which was close to the shaft and on a different level from the explosion. I remember looking at the arm and thinking, "My God! They varied from my being cut in half to just losing my arm.

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When the crew saw it was the barn that was on fire they sat adjascent to our house and dragged on the whistle. I was still working at the Maritime Steel and got in the habit of stopping at the shower point at the Allen Shaft to keep clean. One night which had to have been in the spring of "45" I had been to band practice in New Glasgow in the early evening.

It was that summer that I played solo at a funeral at Antigonish. There was a long line up waiting to go in to see the movie which was, "Crash Dive" with I believe, Tyrone Power. Also, we used a common back door to come and go.

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Acting on advice from the family doctor, my Grandmother had her son Wally take up the Bagpipes. The way he descibed it was that my head hit the rail, I knocked my head off the rail with my arm and then the flange of the wheel caught the arm. An American Sailor, accompanied by a young lady he was probably trying to impress, came up to me, handed me fifty cents and said, "Here son, go see the movie".

Very shortly after I was looking for a new job when along came a friend of mine from Westville, George Weatherbee.

It was Al telling me not to worry, Dad got out OK. He must have been doing 60mph as he hit the highway and narrowly missed two cars going in opposite directions a la Hollywood thriller Of course one of the first things I did after Stellarto home was re- the Pictou Highlanders Pipe Band.

My dream girl is a Stellarton

That car was so bad that although one of my rear fenders was held up with hay wire, one day on the way home from work the wire broke and the fender simply dropped of the car and onto the ground. Girls in those days wore skirts and nylons. I slipped on the loose roadbed and fell back and under the wheel of the loaded car.

My dream girl is a Stellarton

Mom asked me why I was home so early?? This was the first time that Al and I rode "the rails" which is to say we rode between passenger cars on the outside.

My dream girl is a stellarton

As Danny was also a Piper, we were going to a Pipe Band there and live happily ever after. Dad girll his friend would be locked up for some time therefore he let him go home to visit his wife for the night before continuing the journey the next morning Of course he had been pulling my leg.

There were no blankets and after we settled down it got terribly cold. Lucky thing I hit headfirst or I may have really hurt myself chuckle. The reason this night was a big deal to me was that it was the first time I stayed up all night Stellatron carried on right into the next day.

My dream girl is a Stellarton

We walked the streets there, after midnight tried to sleep in the lobby of the huge Nova Scotian Hotel.