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Part 1 - Roots However, 70 years ago, there was a astronomical society in Riverside. That club eventually disbanded sometime after World War II.

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Can you find them all? Astronomical students have inspected the planetary-system through the gife already. Bailey built a series of split-ring horseshoe fork mounts starting in the early 's. This is the first time the mounting has been used. Warren Estes and I used to do a lot of astronomy instruction with elementary school kids and I assisted the astronomy class at the J.

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Just gvie he will find time to do it, I cannot say, but presumably by the end of next week it will be done. Professional, amateur and wish-to-be astronomers, whether members of the society or not, are invited to attend. Porter Dr. Bailey, retired dentist and amateur telescope maker.

When I was 12 years oldFred was a forest ranger at a campground near Mount Laguna; I think it was called "Cuyamaca". To Mr.

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A, Richardson, San Bernardino astronomer, and her friend, Mrs. If you see any of these wanted sex offenders, please contact our non-emergency ator your local agency if observed outside the city of Riverside.

They dug around in their photos and found a picture of Cliff Sr. Porter, of the California Institute of Technology. Pickering, head of the American Association of Variable Star, Observers, who, with his wife, is on a world tour.

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Travon Webb was recently released from jail and cut off his mandatory GPS ankle monitor. Bailey's telescope, now nearing completion after three or four years of tireless effort, is one of the largest amateur types in this district and already has mooval wide attention. The "lab" was on Keller Avenue in La Sierra.

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John A. This picture was taken 3 miles east of Riverside, CA circa Every person attending must bring food enough for his party and supper will be served picnic-fashion on spacious banquet tables. I remember Harold and John very well. It was one of the largest scopes in Southern California Lookong the time.

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He frequents the Magnolia Avenue corridor. Nagata, noted comet discoverer of Brawley. Here are letters and newspaper articles from the time, which was passed from Bailey's estate to Warren Estes then Chief Observer of the Riverside Astronomical Society.

Looking to give moval riv perris head

John Barclay bought one. Picture accompanying Press Enterprise article.

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It was truly diffraction limited. Bailey's backyard David B. Doug Schneider, Randy Smith, and I went out there a few of times. Bailey Thanks for the prints in which Dr. Sheldon Tucker was released from county jail on October 8,and cut off his mandatory GPS ankle monitor. The new mounting for this telescope was built by Dr.

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Gene worked for Tom Cave, and also for Biela Observatories as a salesman for their newly imported 6 inch "Nishimura" Newtonian reflectors. With best regards, sincerely yours, J.

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On nights of perfect seeing, I could make out a dark spot or two on Ganymede. The amazing thing is, that he had no formal education above the sixth grade. At least, to many who saw the work in progress, it was amazing that Brown and his crew came from outside the profession.

Albtri E. Anderson, who was in charge of the entire project. Part 1 - Movl Bailey February 25, Friday P. Bailey's' instrument, employing a "split ring" mounting for the telescope barrel, is the first of its kind in use, he said.

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The meeting was held there. He usually stays between Hemet and Riverside.

Looking to give moval riv perris head

Albert "Bert" E. Wilson observatory. George Ellery Hale, who inspired the telescope and name it bears, took a fancy to Brown's way and encouraged him. Two years later I became interested enough to .