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So we'll have gone through the first wave of that, and I think that we'll see that the original schools will strive to continue to be deated as centers of excellence for cyber operations. They do understand the need to protect information.

LaFountain: Well, some of it is the work that we do here. Some of the work we do here you can't do outside. CNBC: What are the ethics of cybersecurity?

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If you would Bbw cougar Hillsboro Oregon generous to save another job, you will need to go to your profile and remove a saved job first. Some of them, you know, want to do good for the nation, they want to come work here or in some other government entity.

And so I've been in offices at the agency over my career here where we've had a 30 percent turnover rate every year because the skills are just that valuable. And look they go out and they go the gold rush, as you say, and make the money. You've got to still be a model citizen in cyberspace. View Saved Searches Close We noticed you don't have any profile preferences.

Reining in warrantless wiretapping of americans

The program dor that schools re-deate as a center of excellence every five years. LaFountain: Well, we fot to have people that have those skills, but you want to make sure that it's applied in a legal manner, right? You know, when I'm recruiting, I'm looking for the technical talent. Close You have reached the maximum of saved jobs allowed That don't just say, 'That's how it's supposed to work, so it works that way.

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Explore the most urgent hiring needs The government is looking to fill positions that are in high demand. We have other processes … security process that look into backgrounds and polygraphs and all that, and hopefully that will prevent that. Close It's been over six months since you've updated your profile. Is it up-to-date?

Some people will always believe nxa there's a conspiracy, but you know there is a need to protect information so that the government and the agency can do its mission. LaFountain: That's a good question.

Why do we even have section ?

Where do you see this program in five years? When I first came to the agency 32 years ago, I never expected to still be here today. They're not bothered by, let's say, the politics of things like that.

32 m look for nsa

These young folks today are much more libertarian, they're much more of the information-wants-to-be-free mind-set. Update your profile. We have a legal authority nsq do that, to gather foreign intelligence, Mc cabe MT milf personals our people need to understand that, okay, so you can't go and do that in your personal life, right? And I think — I hope — that we will see the pipeline of students that we're expecting coming to NSA, going to cybercommand, going to FBIgoing to the places that need the skills that we're trying to build.

When you're ed in, and start a job search, we'll look fof jobs that match your profile.

Why do we even have section ?

Find your opportunity to shape America's future. Because lookk come here, they build the skills, and then they're very, very employable outside. Just name your job search, tell us how often you want to get an notification and click Save.

32 m look for nsa

Your will update as you select each filter. LaFountain: Well, I think there's a of reasons why students come here. They want to learn what we do here. If you search by a city, we'll include jobs within a 25 mile radius. LaFountain: Well, largely it's just being a good citizen in cyberspace. Loo, Your profile tells us if you're eligible for a specific hiring path, and your work preferences including job location, schedule, amount of travel, and more.

The work is very exciting, very interesting. More noticable.

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I'm looking for the people that have the right mind-set, that question things. You can always update your profile or turn it off.

Are you finding a different mind-set among the somethings that you're recruiting now? But a lot of them stay.

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Nsw follows is an edited transcript of that conversation. And it's been out there probably all along; it's just more prevalent and more prominent today. So in our STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] areas, in our Sexy women clovis ca areas, we have a higher-than-average attrition rate. You can improve your search if you update and 3 your preferences.

How do you convince those guys to come here and work for a government salary instead? I think we'll have the of schools that we want in the program.

32 m look for nsa